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Porsche is a mom, advocate, lifelong Democrat, and community leader. As the daughter of an Army Sgt. Major and a small business owner and the middle child of nine siblings, giving back to the community is in her blood. When she planted roots in Citrus Heights, she set out to improve her community — and she’s been creating positive change ever since.


Today, as Citrus Heights' first African American woman mayor and council member, and the only Black woman serving on a city council in the Sacramento region, Porsche is making sure all our voices are heard and delivering results families can count on.


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As your Assemblywoman, I will keep building on those accomplishments and continue to focus on the everyday nuts-and-bolts that make a meaningful difference to local businesses, our families, and our community. Together, let’s make a real difference and create lasting change in our community.

My parents showed me and my siblings how to work hard and give back. That’s why, on the Citrus Heights City Council, I’ve fought to make a real impact for families, like improving roads, supporting new housing, and bringing new jobs into the community.

- Porsche Middleton

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