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Deep Devotion to Service and Giving Back

Raised while her father served in the military, Porsche and her eight brothers are a closely-knit family where duty and personal responsibility are expected and the values of family, service, and community are in her blood.

Porsche and her siblings grew up with a weekly duty roster that spelled out the chores each child was responsible for, making sure everyone did their fair share and that even the youngest was held accountable. Both parents worked hard and had to count every penny to make ends meet.

Inspired to Serve by her Parents

Porsche's father, Leslie Rayford, was always deeply engaged in the family's daily lives, even while climbing the ranks of the U.S. military and becoming a Sergeant-Major — the highest rank available to an enlisted soldier. Her mother, Gigi, is a small business owner and executive director of a non-profit. Both parents remain Porsche’s inspiration, and their loving, no-nonsense example built the foundation from which Porsche developed her own strong commitment to family, community, and service.

Making History in Citrus Heights

In 2018, Porsche made history as the first African American woman elected to serve on the Citrus Heights City Council where she's been listening, getting results and delivering positive change for her community.

She spearheaded the historic $1.2 billion Sunrise Mall revitalization project while fighting for a stronger local economy, improving our roads, strengthening public safety, and making affordable housing for all  a top priority. In 2022, Porsche made history again as the city's first African American mayor and helped re-open the city and jumpstart our economy in the wake of the pandemic.

Last year, Porsche was reelected by her neighbors for her tireless commitment to fighting for more resources so every family can have the quality of life they've earned and deserve, and every child has the education and opportunity to achieve their dreams.

A Changemaker Getting Positive Results

When Porsche, a lifelong Democrat, and her husband Ben, an Engineer, planted roots in Citrus Heights, she set out to get involved and improve her community — and she's been creating positive change ever since. As a Planning Commissioner, Porsche led on improving our community and on the Sacramento Regional Conservation Corps Board  she helped deliver job training and new opportunities for at-risk kids.

Porsche is a former deputy director of Sacramento Self-Help Housing, where she helped transition hundreds of families and individuals experiencing homelessness into secure housing.

Porsche’s compassion and deep experience fighting for the less fortunate was recognized in 2019 by Gov. Newsom when he named Porsche to the California Housing Partnership Board where she serves as Vice President and is delivering affordable housing to thousands of working families across the state.

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